About Kezia.

We owe our success to our high standard of quality, extensive research and technical know-how that result in innovative products, that satisfy the consumers quest for healthy, fresh and satisfying food choices.

Our Values

We believe in taking great care of what we consume as food and seek to provide the best options possible for a healthy lifestyle. Food is meant to be enjoyed and we keep that in mind while providing options that encourage good food habits, health & well-being and maximize satisfaction.

That’s why we love making Yogurt! It’s healthy, nutritious, tasty, creamy, tangy, delicious and an absolute fun to eat.

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Why Yogurt

Being high in protein, calcium and “Probiotic” Yogurt is it the to go food for every healthy food enthusiast seeking to boost their immunity and improve the health of their gut and bones.

Greek Yogurt replaces lost calcium for the lactose intolerant, it also contains a lot of B12 for energy & healthy brain function especially for vegetarians. It is high in potassium which helps balance out Sodium & lowers blood pressure, while it's high protein content aids in building muscle and tissue repair - making it a great choice for workout recovery food. Few foods pack as healthy a punch in such small serving sizes.

Our Story

Our Story

The desire for unsweetened, freshly made, thick yogurt which could not be readily found leant its weight in guiding us in developing this brand of yogurt. The yogurt available in our supermarkets and shops are usually so watery, so sweet and sometimes we just want the plain stuff with no flavours.

Providing a better option that ticks all the boxes of good, healthy and great tasting yogurt for yogurt lovers is our goal. And so we began making Greek yogurt and we never stopped. With extensive experience in selecting our cultures (probiotic) and the best quality of milk that make our products so great, we are more confident than ever of our expertise.

At Kezia Foods we are passionate individuals dedicated to making good, healthy food accessible to everyone and one more thing.

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